June News from Tina

Once again we had a wonderful time of fellowship and thanksgiving at our Supporters’ Dinner last month.  The reports from the various ministries were so inspiring and a true testimony that God is at work: in New Zealand, in the Pacific, and worldwide.  Without your support that could never have happened.

When you did your EE training, you were given a booklet called Partners in Praying.  Have you looked at it lately?  One of the key verses come from Ex 17:9-13, where Aaron and Hur helped to keep Moses’s hands up.  They were his support troops.  You are our support troop and without your prayers EE would be totally ineffective.

Our team is gradually growing and we are very excited about a Visioning Day we have planned on 5 July when we will discuss how God wants us to grow and what we need to change.  We are also working on improving our avenues of communication (making them more 21st century).

Thank you for holding our hands high.  Thank you for rejoicing with us.  May we continue to build each other up and encourage one another.

Tina Toschi
Interim Director/Facilitator of EENZ

May News from Raj

We recently completed the XEE implementation workshop at Remuera Chinese Methodist Church and during the on-the-job training, an Iranian Muslim man, who heard the gospel for the very first time, said “I have never heard anything like this before, thanks for sharing with me”. The seed was planted in his heart and he has agreed to a weekly bible study to learn more about Jesus. Praise the Lord! I also shared the gospel with a young waitress who was suffering from depression and was suicidal. She accepted Christ and felt immediately the depression leave her. The power of God was evident as she was filled in the Spirit. I am now discipling her to grow in Christ.  We have also completed the Share Your Faith workshop in Massey Presbyterian church, which went really well. Thank you for all your prayers. We will now go on and complete the seven weeks EV2 with couple of trainees.

Raj Narayanan

May 2017 News from VP Oceania

May was a very full month, beginning as it did with the Supporters’ Dinner. How good it was to meet up again with ‘EEians’ from right across the spectrum and be encouraged and challenged about seeing mission local and international as being one. Shortly after, I was off to Arden Woods, North Carolina, USA, for our first in person Vice-President’s Conference and meeting with the EE International Board. It wasn’t nearly as scary as I expected! It was so good working together and feeling free to express one’s views and insight. I couldn’t help thinking how amazing it is that each VP represents a different continent of the world but we are one in Christ and He is building us into a team.

A sadness during the week was the passing of Anne Kennedy, wife of Dr. James Kennedy, Founder and First President of EE. She was one of his first trainees and thereafter, to the age of 91, she made it her aim to share the Gospel with someone every week. She wrote the names of every person she led to Christ in a notebook, filling many of them in her lifetime. Imagine the welcome she will have into heaven.

The end of May found me in Fiji, where I was seeking to help the Board better understand  its role in directing the ministry and in supporting the National Director. In the coming months I’m planning similar trips to the other nations.

May God bless you in your mission,  Anne Bowie.

Anne Bowie
VP for Oceania

H4K at Birkenhead Baptist Church

On 6 and 13 May, Lewis Bacon and I had the privilege of teaching a group of passionate and enthusiastic Filipino ladies at an Hope for Kids Training Workshop at Birkenhead Baptist Church, including participants from Word International Ministries NZ, and were a joy to work with.  For on-the-job training  Lewis went back to Auckland the following weekend for a successful morning session putting into action parts of the program they had learnt.

Since then Lewis has suffered a major health setback. On Saturday 27th of May he had an angioplasty procedure and two stents inserted into blocked arteries.  He is now recovering and is needing to take a few weeks off from his ministry work.  Please uphold Lewis and pray that our Heavenly Father will minister and bring healing to his body and that there will be no long term negative effects to his health.

Christine Carr
Hope for Kids Trainer

Exciting News!

Hanouri Korean Presbyterian Church on Auckland’s North Shore, which has 1,500 congregational members, is currently working with Evangelism Explosion Ministries in Auckland to equip its members with the EE gospel sharing technique.

We begin with Share Your Faith workshop, followed by seven weeks of EV2 (Everyday Evangelism) to equip six pastors from the main pastoral team, who will then go on and implement a training program for their members, which will result in multiplication and expansion of God’s workers and the gospel preached to the Korean community. We are so excited to share this news. God is at work among the Korean community.